Spring 2011 Newsletter # 2

Crest-thumbGreetings to All!
Response to the last TFAA newsletter was wonderful. Many emails from Tipton family and descendants all over the country came in. We have over 150 addresses in our email distribution lists. My thanks to everyone who forwarded the newsletter. Dozens of new people are being informed of the family association and its goals.

Most of the funding needed to launch the TFAA website is in hand. We need another two hundred dollars.
To support the Website Project, please send your donation to the Tipton Family Association of America at 314 Oak Place, Asheville, North Carolina, 28803 in care of John Parrish, President.

Answering the dozens and dozens of emails generated by our last newsletter confirmed the value of a TFAA website. Numerous contacts from Tiptons and Tipton descendants were people trying to find genealogical and historical information about their Tipton family line. The queries blog on the website will be just the place to post questions and get breakthrough answers so valuable and rewarding to anyone doing research.
Robert Tipton Nave gave me the following history of the Tipton Family Association of America from the Tipton Family Bulletin published August, 1987.

Representatives of the Tipton family met at the Tipton-Haynes Farm, Saturday, August l5, l987 to form the Tipton Family Association of America. Headquarters will be located at the Tipton-Haynes Farm in Johnson City, Tennessee. The Executive Officers elected and voted by acclamation were:
President: Polly Tipton Wilson of Anna, Tex.
Vice President: Gertrude Deakins, Johnson City, Tenn.
Treasurer: Dr Frank Anderson, Johnson City, Tenn.
Secretary: Elizabeth Tipton Golden, Cleveland, Tenn.
Historian: Susie Tipton Banghart, Leesburg, Florida
Advisory Board: Mary Charlesworth, Upperville, Kintall, Va.; W A (Bill) Tipton, Stamford, Tex.;
James R. Tipton, Maryville, Tenn.,; Mrs. R H Anderson, Johnson City, Tenn.; Carol Ann Milliken, Johnson City, Tenn.; Faith Stahl, Johnson City, Tenn.
Membership fee was set at $5 per year. The logo adopted for the organization is the Coat of arms
given to Anthony de Tipton by King Edward I in 1282. They planned to publish a quarterly bulletin and they established a cemetery fund for the Col John Tipton Cemetery as well as the Evergreen Cemetery in Erwin and the Green Hill Cemetery in Elizabethton.

Our Tipton Family Association will have its 24th Anniversary in August!
I am informed that a Tipton Family Bulletin was published for some period prior to the formation of the Association.

Ancestral Home of the Tiptons
Tipton, Sandwell Borough, West Midlands, England
The Reverend Ervin Charles Tipton in his book We Tiptons and Our Kin and Charles D. Tipton in his book Tipton: The First Five American Generations inform us that the area now known as Tipton Borough is the Tipton family’s ancient homeland.
As early as the 6th century CE, an Anglo-Saxon tribe called the Tibb or Tibba came to reside in the area. As was customary, the syllable ton or tun was added to the tribal name and Tibbton or Tibbatun evolved into Tipton.
Parish records date back to 1513 so our Tipton ancestors are well documented in the area.
Tipton was an important industrial town during the height of England’s manufacturing days. It’s stated that the glass for London’s famous Crystal Palace was made in Tipton. The Crystal Palace was constructed for the Great Exhibition of 1851 in Hyde Park, London. It was the pride of England. The Palace was destroyed by fire in 1936.
The town is laced with canals that were once the conveyor belt for the industrial production of Tipton which moved the manufactured products to market. Today those canals are a tourist attraction providing tours, bike paths and hiking trails.
Modern Tipton is a town of about 47,000 people located in the near geographic center of England. It is a few kilometers northwest of Birmingham. Hiway A457 is labeled Tipton Road. Dozens of pictures of the town are located at Google Search for Images, Tipton, England
I selected the pictures below to illustrate the town somewhat.

Tipton County Courthouse Hare and Five Hounds Hotel

Coat of Arms of the Borough of Tipton

The Tipton Family Association of America
will hold its next meeting, October 8th, 2011 @ Rocky Mount Museum, 200 Hyder Hill Road, Piney Flats, Tennessee. Rocky Mount is the home established by William Cobb who settled in the Watauga area in 1769. This stately house served as the capitol of the Southwest Territory in 1791after Governor William Blount was appointed by George Washington to organize the Territory of the United States South of the River Ohio (Southwest Territory) which included modern East Tennessee.
Colonel John Tipton (1730-1813) was a member of the territorial legislature.
The Tipton Family had/has a long association with William Cobb and his family.
The program for the meeting and other information will be forthcoming in a future newsletter. Robert Tipton Nave will again present his talk “Ramblin’ with Robert Tipton Nave”.
Suffice it to say, family members will gather to visit and exchange information for a wonderful and enlightening time.

Notice to Professional Genealogists of the Tipton Family
If you would like your contact information included in the next newsletter, send it to me.

The embroidered Tipton family crest shown in the pictures above and modeled by John Parrish is available to all if you wish to have something embroidered. The set up fee has been paid so your cost would be the article you have embroidered and the charges from:
Doe Valley Printing, 1282 Riverview Drive, Elizabethton, Tennessee 37643. You can place orders by mail or contact Anita Remme at doevalley@comcast.net. or call (423) 542-4616


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Please share this newsletter with everyone you know that could be interested in our family’s history and association. If you are receiving this newsletter by snail mail, please let me know your email address so you can get the newsletter electronically and in color.  My email is parrrish968@aol.com.

Previous newsletters are archived on the TFAA website.

The TFAA and President thank the many TFAA members and friends who support our Association financially.  That support makes our family’s association prosper and achieve its goal to preserve Tipton family history in the present!

Please support the Tipton Family Association by making your membership donation to the Tipton Family Association of America on the TFAA website: www.tiptonfamilyassociationofamerica.com

Many Thanks to All Who Make Their Membership Donations to
The Tipton Family Association of America

Tipton Family Membership donations make the TFAA able to accomplish the goals of the membership. In recent years, the TFAA has re-established meetings and newsletters, made the book We Tipton and Our Kin available on CD, provided a plaque in honor of William “Fightin’ Billy” Tipton in Savannah, assisted research in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia on the farmland of Colonel John Tipton and the successful quest to find the burial place of Major Jonathan Tipton. With your financial support, we can continue to succeed and do more!

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