Summer 2011 Newsletter # 3

Summer Greetings To All!
Hope you are having a good one.

The TFAA Meeting is on October 8th @ Rocky Mount Museum
Rocky Mount Museum is located at 200 Hyder Hill Road in Piney Flats, Tennessee.
Our group will be afforded a guided tour of the Rocky Mount Museum Site.
The meeting will begin at 9:00 with registration followed immediately by a showing of the film The Mysterious Lost State of Franklin.  Then, time to visit before the president’s message, Treasury report and update on association business.

This year’s program will again include the feature “Ramblin’ with Robert Tipton Nave”.
Annie Warmke of Philo, Ohio will give a presentation about her ancestors Wiley and Nancy (Vance) Tipton who were abolitionist southerns (NC/VA) in Northern Kentucky during the Civil War; they eventually settled in Friendship, Ohio.  Annie will share their stories.
The film The Mysterious Lost State of Franklin will be shown twice; the film is thirty minutes.
Of course, there will be the usual roundtable discussions and opportunity for everyone to present their queries and ask questions.
The detailed schedule of events will be sent out in September.

We now have about 200 Tiptons and Tipton descendants receiving our newsletter and contacting the TFAA for a variety of reasons.  The 200 are in some thirty states from what can be garnered in emails and snail mail contacts.  I was in Oklahoma City a few months ago and happened to look in the telephone book for Tiptons; there are seventy-six listed.  That surprised me.  As one can see, the Tipton family and its descendants are numerous and all over the United States.

Then there’s England.
We are aware that Tipton in the English Midlands is considered the ancestral home of the Tipton or Tibba Anglo-Saxon tribe.
But, I discovered another Tipton village in the southwest of England!
It is Tipton St. John Village in Devon (Devonshire) in the Southwest of England.  The village dates back to the Doomsday Book, completed in 1086, and is situated in the Otter River Valley.  Today’s population is 350.
One of us will have to travel to Tipton St. John and bring back a report.

Notice to professional genealogists and historians of the Tipton Family
If you would like your contact information included in the TFAA newsletters, send it to me.
Green Hill Cemetery in Elizabethton was originally a Tipton family cemetery for the families of Samuel and Isaac Tipton, sons of Col John Tipton. It has been cleaned up and is maintained by the Green Hill Cemetery Preservation Committee of the Watauga Historical Association. They built a large sign for the cemetery which can be seen from the highway.
The state historical marker for the cemetery states that it is located on the land of Samuel Tipton but a search of the land records indicates that it was the land of Isaac Tipton.
Isaac’s plantation adjoined Samuel’s on the east side.
The above information about Green Hill Cemetery was furnished by Robert Tipton Nave

Another Discovery of Our Tipton Legacy!
Tipton Home in Tipton, Oklahoma

The Tipton Crest coffee mug will be available for purchase at the TFAA meeting in October.  The price is $ 5.00.

The embroidered Tipton family crest shown in the picture above is available to all if you wish to have something embroidered.  The set up fee has been paid so your cost would be the article you have embroidered and the charges from:
Doe Valley Printing, 1282 Riverview Drive, Elizabethton, Tennessee 37643.  You can place orders by mail or contact Anita Remme at  or call (423) 542-4616

I do hope you have enjoyed this newsletter and can attend the Tipton Family Association of America meeting on October 8th!


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