About The Tipton Family Association

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The Tipton Family Association of America is a group of Tiptons and Tipton descendants who have associated to honor the legacy left us by generations of Tiptons who have made many and varied contributions to our world.

The TFAA sends out periodic newsletters with family history and information of interest about the family and its activities. The Association sponsors several funds to commemorate the family at locations around the United States.

The TFAA sponsors and maintains this website for the benefit of our membership and all who are seeking information about the family.

While we Tiptons are connected to our ancient roots in the Town of Tipton in the Midlands of England, the emphasis of our time and effort is on the Tiptons in North America. We Tiptons are descended from members of an Anglo-Saxon tribe called the Tibba. Our ancestors came to North America beginning in the mid-seventeenth century.

The following is from the August, 1987 Tipton Family Bulletin:

Representatives of the Tipton family met at the Tipton-Haynes Farm, Saturday, August 15, 1987 to form the Tipton Family Association of America. Headquarters will be located at the Tipton-Haynes Farm in Johnson City, Tennessee. The Executive Officers elected and voted by acclamation were:

  • President: Polly Tipton Wilson of Anna, Texas
  • Vice President: Gertrude Deakins, Johnson City, Tennessee
  • Treasurer: Dr Frank Anderson, Johnson City, Tennessee
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Tipton Golden, Cleveland, Tennessee
  • Historian: Susie Tipton Banghart, Leesburg, Florida
  • Advisory Board: Mary Charlesworth, Upperville, Kintall, Virginia; W A (Bill) Tipton, Stamford, Texas; James R. Tipton, Maryville, Tennessee; Mrs. R H Anderson, Johnson City, Tennessee; Carol Ann Milliken, Johnson City, Tennessee; Faith Stahl, Johnson City, Tennessee

Membership fee was set at $5 per year. The logo adopted for the organization is the Tipton Family Crest given to Anthony de Tipton by King Edward I in 1282. They planned to publish a quarterly bulletin and they established a cemetery fund for the Col John Tipton Cemetery as well as the Evergreen Cemetery in Erwin and the Green Hill Cemetery in Elizabethton.

I am informed that a Tipton Family Bulletin was published for some period prior to the formation of the Association.

Our Tipton Family Association will have its 36th Anniversary in August 2023!