Fall 2017 Newsletter #31

Greeting from Tipton County, Tennessee

Tipton County Public LibraryY’all Come to Covington for the Tipton Family Association of America 2017 Meeting on October 7th.

TFAA members from Florida, Arizona, Oregon, Oklahoma, Georgia, Michigan, California,
Virginia and Tennessee gathered in Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee on October 7th to
attend the Association’s 2017 meeting, review the organization’s activities during the prior year, elect a President and enjoy interesting, informative programs about our Tipton family and its history in Covington, Tipton County and West Tennessee. Many of the attendees joined each other for dinner the night before. Pictured above are those who gathered for this group picture prior to the Saturday lunch break.

The City of Covington, Tipton County Seat, gave a warm and accommodating Welcome to the
Tipton Family Association of America facilitating all aspects of our needs for an outstanding
visit to the city and great meeting. Most importantly, meeting facilities were made available at
the Tipton County Public Library on the campus of Dyersburg Community College by Librarian
Susan Cheairs and College President Dr. Karen Bowyer. Mayor Justin Hanson and his office
provided support and public awareness for our event. Throughout the year, the Chamber of
Commerce answered inquiries about local travel facilities helping many make their stay easy and enjoyable. Local motels welcomed us on their marquees. On Friday night, Covington’s Wyatt Earp Steakhouse served us a wonderful dinner and at lunch on Saturday we enjoyed a splendid buffet at the Bald Butcher Restaurant.

Pictured below is Dr. Bowyer greeting our membership as the meeting began.

Dr. Bowyer

Dr. Bowyer informed our gathering about Dyersburg Community College, our host organization.

The Tipton County Public Library is located on the campus of the College. The Library is a
collaborative County/College project which houses the County Library serving the public and the College Library serving the College’s student population.

Next, TFAA President John Parrish discussed the organization’s activities since the 2016
meeting. An important discovery was made when Parrish and member David Tipton travelled to
Overton Co., Tn. and Clinton Co., Ken. where they located Major Jonathan Tipton’s gravesite.

At the time of his death, Major Jonathan was living in Overton County and visiting his sister in
Kentucky. His grave is in the Boring Cemetery.

Details of the discovery can be read in Newsletter # 29 in the Newsletter Section of the TFAA

The TFAA Store had 38 sales orders during the year which is a record. The Treasury is in great shape for the present; a report of the past year’s finances was furnished the members present.
The Association’s current project is applying for approval of an historic sign titled The Tipton
Family to be placed in the Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park in Elizabethton, Tn. This project
will need financial support from the membership after approval. It will be the only historic sign
mentioning several early Tipton settlers in East Tennessee including Major Jonathan Tipton.
Jona than was one of the OverMountain Men and a he ralded soldier in the Revolutionary War.

President Parrish discussed TFAA Social Media. The Association maintains two websites and a
Facebook presence. Member Anthony Tipton has generously administered our Facebook Page
since 2016.

Member Charlotte Dade would like to design and administer a new Facebook Page
specifically dedicated to genealogy. The members present approved Charlotte’s
idea. We look forward to Charlotte establishing this new social media effort.
TFAA maintains two informative websites:
and www.coloneljohntipton.com. Both websites are actively accessed receiving
inquiries from throughout the United States and England.

An explanation of TFAA organization was presented. The Association is just that. A group of
Tiptons, Tipton descendants and interested people who associate to learn and share Tipton family history and genealogy.

As indicated by our large meeting attendance,
We Tiptons value being able to associate with one another in person. Consistently,
as we meet annually in different locales, most present have never met each other but seek
that association.

At the same time, there is a cadre who attend the annual meeting every year!

The TFAA is not incorporated nor does it exist in any format other than in our desire to associate among ourselves. We have no by-laws or rules of procedure. We do have a person designated President and authorized to administer our affairs; we have a bank account to finance the affairs that are authorized. A newsletter is published periodically.

There are no committees or sub groups. However, any “members” who choose to meet together are certainly “authorized”.

The membership present discussed TFAA organization as it exists and endorsed the organization as it exists. Many expressed their preference for an organization in which members participate at each person’s level of interest and in clination. All present were appreciative of The Tipton Family Association of America.

In keeping with the above explanation, election of a President for a four year term was held.
Current President John Parrish was nominated from the floor. There being no further nominations, Mr. Parrish was re-elected by acclimation

.Next, the site for the 2018 meeting was discussed. Maryville, Tennessee was proposed as the
2018 site. The members present voted to hold the 2018 TFAA meeting in Maryville.

The meeting will be held on the Saturday of Columbus Day weekend 2018.

Tiptons of America to Visit Tipton, England!

 During our 2016 meeting, it was decided to investigate having a gathering of TFAA
members, and anyone else with interest, in Tipton, The Midlands, England.
This trip was discussed by the membership and the decision was re-
affirmed with September 21st established as the date to meet at the Tipton Library in our ancestral home of Tipton, England.

After discussion of various dates and possible plans, September 21st was chosen because it
is during the annual Canal Festival in Tipton and a date convenient to the people of Tipton
and its Friends of the Tipton Library group who will be our hosts.

Since our meeting, President Parrish has confirmed the date proposed as indeed convenient
for our Tipton hosts with Jeff Worsey, President of the Tipton Library Friends Group.

After discussion of the trip and our members ideas and personal plans for a trip to
England, it was decided that the TFAA members would meet at the Tipton Library on
September 21st with each of the members making her/his own travel arrangements. This
approach was deemed most practical because everyone who planned to be in Tipton had
different plans for their time in England before and/or after our three days in Tipton.
For certain, more information about Tipton and travelling to Tipton in the English
Midlands will be forthcoming over the year.

For certain, details of our gathering time and other events taking place while we are in Tipton will be forthcoming in the coming weeks.

It is conceived that our group will arrive in Tipton on September 21st and have group
activities to participate in on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd. After the 23rd, TFAA members can
make their own plans to stay longer in Tipton or proceed on their individual travel plans.
Of singular importance at this time, is that anyone interested in making the trip and
meeting in Tipton on September 21st let me know at parrish968@aol.com. This will in no
way obligate you but planning must go forward and to properly plan and let the people of
Tipton know how to proceed, some estimate of the number who will arrive in Tipton
must be made.

Picture from the 2017 Canal Boat Festival in Tipton, England

2017 Canal Boat Festival in Tipton, England


Tipton County Historian Russell B. Bailey

2017 Canal Boat Festival in Tipton, England2

At the podium pictured above is Tipton County Historian Russell B. Bailey. During the morning session, Historian Bailey presented the program Tipton County in the Civil War.

Of particular interest was the Tipton County town of Randolph which rivaled Memphis in the early settlement years of West Tennessee.

Randolph was an important Mississippi River artillery installation in the Civil War.
The site commanded the heights on the east bank. Its cannon could control riverboat travel along the Mississippi River.

After Federal troops gained control of Tipton County, raiding by the County’s Confederate
loyalists continued. In response, the Federals burned Randolph to the ground eliminating this
hotbed of raiding activity. Today, the townsite is still abandoned.

Historian Bailey’s presentation was answered with appreciative applause. In addition to serving
as County Historian, Mr. Bailey is the Manager of Tennessee Gins and Warehouses CoOp in
Covington where cotton production is still very important.

Member Introductions

An important function at each annual meeting gives those present the opportunity to introduce themselves indicating their Tipton family lineage and where they reside.

The introductions afford the opportunity for participants to explain any particular quests or queries they have as they seek to know their personal Tipton family genealogy and history. The presentations allow others to be aware and give any assistance they can. Lunch together following the introductions affords interaction among the members and time to get acquainted with our Tipton cousins .

The lunch break followed.

At 2pm, David A. Gwinn, Tipton County Genealogist narrated his powerpoint presentation
Tiptons In Tipton County History.

Mr. Gwinn showed dozens of pictures documenting the Tiptons and their lives and
accomplishments in Tipton County. He gave interesting and detail information about the scenes
and people pictured. Because the Tiptons are central to the founding and history of Tipton
County, the pictures also presented Covington and surrounding areas as the town developed and prospered. The program illustrated the importance of our Tipton ancestors in that growth and prosperity.

Mr. Gwinn has devoted the past 35 years to compiling the history and genealogy of the people of Covington and Tipton County. He is also a well -known historian of West Tennessee. In
addition to his duties as County Genealogist, he is employed by the City of Covington. One of
his responsibilities is administration of the city’s Munford Cemetery.

We Tipton and Our Kin enjoyed Mr. Gwinn’s program immensely and gave him a hearty round
of applause. He is pictured below at the podium.

Tipton family history

Meeting pictures were provided by Sharon Timbs, Tipton County Library Assistant Director.

Breakout Sessions

These sessions are the final event of the meeting. The participants can now gather among
themselves to discuss and share Tipton family genealogy and history. The 2017 meeting seemed to attract a larger than usual number of attendees actively working on their Tipton family line and searching for information from the collective group. We wish them the best in their quests.

The Meeting was Adjourned

Embroidered Tipton Family T-Shirt with the family crest

Embroidered Tipton Family T-Shirt with the family crest

The embroidered Tipton family crest shown in the pictures above is available to all if you
wish to have something embroidered. The set up fee has been paid so your cost would be the
article you have embroidered and the charges from:
Doe Valley Printing, 1282 Riverview Drive, Elizabethton, Tennessee 37643. You can place orders by mail or contact Anita Remme at doevalley@comcast.net or call (423) 542-4616


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