Cissel/Cesley/Cisley/ Sisley Tipton

This query created by Ann Tipton Clemment.

Greetings, kinfolk! I am at a bit of a brick wall. I think I may have discovered some data but it is mostly vague. I am seeking hard data on through whom my line runs. This is the current certain data:
My father, Donald Darrell Tipton, b. 1931,
my grandfather, James Travis Tipton, b. 1896,
my g-grandfather, George Washington Tipton b. 1859,
my gg-grandfather, Cissel/Cesley/Cisley/Sisley Bryant/Obrien/Briant/ Tipton, b 1818 0r 1828.
There is not any more hard data on who Cissel\’s father was, and the only real clue is that his first name is supposed to have been his g-grandmother\’s maiden name and his middle name is supposed to have been his grandmother\’s maiden name. It may be one generation closer, or one further. Stuck here. Any information out there? I would love to make contact. Please let me know if you are researching the same line. Thanks for your help!

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