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William and Phoebe Tipton

From: Darla Brown <>

Subject: William and Phoebe Tipton

Message Body:
I believe I am a descendant of William and Phoebe Tipton (noted at Phebe in public records). Below is a list of information I’ve gathered through public records that extend back to Colonel John Tipton that has led me to my belief. I AM NOT 100% certain if all of this is correct, but would love to work on finding out. However, the birth and death places I’ve found seem to correlate immensely.

I exist from the wedding out of mostly daughters. I hope this information would serve any use to any further William and Phoebe Tipton descendants, and am interested in knowing more about the TFAA, such as the probability of becoming involved, learning about the Tipton heritage, and if I’d be able to meet some of the Tipton name descendants. I’ve listed siblings from the public records, but I cannot guarantee 100% they are the only children since records may be incomplete (nor can I guarantee if they are in fact siblings), but I hope they will help if anyone else has questions about the possibility their families of one of the names are related. Hopefully I can come into contact with other family members through these means as well.

John and Mary Tipton had William Tipton, who married Pheobe, daughter of Martha Mary (Denton I believe was her Maiden name, as her parents are shown. I have sparse records about her heritage).

William Tipton and Phoebe Tipton had Johnathan Tipton, who lived between 12-1-1796 and 3-16-1840. The only sibling notarized was Reuben Tipton. He was the last of my family to be buried in the Tipton Cemetery.

Johnathan Tipton fathered Susannah Strickland, but I could not find a recorded mothers’ name, so her last name is her married name. She lived between 5-15-1824 and 5-3-1912 and is buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Oswego, KS with the Nading family. Susannah’s notarized siblings are Melissa Ann Flenniken, Jonathan Wade Hampton Tipton, Martin William Tipton, and Mary Ann Myers.

Susannah became married to Isaac Strickland (with no known ancestors recovered from public records) and had Nancy Serena Strickland. Nancy’s siblings are Arvana Clementine Nading, Margaret S Lawson, and Joseph Strickland.

Nancy Serena Strickland became Nancy Serena Nading, and lived between 8-6-1856 and 6-23-1937. She is buried with the Nading family in Oswego, KS, Fairview Cemetery. Her descendants became part of the Nading family line. Nancy Serena married Charles Leander Nading Jr and had William Henry Nading, born 10-8-1875 and deceased 2-2-1940. Listed siblings of William include: Joseph Nading, Charles Delbert Nading, Nancy Jane Phillips, and Myrtle Mae Curnutte.
William Henry Nading married Arie Lucinda Creakbom, and had Ralph Leanard Nading 5-28-1910, and passed away 8-23-1976. Ralph’s siblings listed: Lloyd Isaac Nading, David Leander Nading, Bessie Opal Dodson, Luther Wilbur Nading, Edward Francis Nading, Georgia Ellen Aristo, Lilly Marie Bryant, Alma Ruth Sha, James Franklin Nading, Chester William Nading, and Lawrence Henry Nading.

Ralph Leanard Nading is my great grandfather, son of William Henry Nading and Arie Lucinda Creakbom. He is the father of Dorothy Ann Nading (who marred as Brown and then again as McCreight) born 7-17-1933 and passed 4-5-2012. Ralph Leanard Nading was married to Gladys Rosella Moss (Maiden name believed to be Ventle) who I have limited history of, presumably because she was rumored to have Native American blood.

Dorothy Ann Nading had several children to Corporal William Roy Brown, who unfortunately passed away at the age of 29 due to a towing accident. He served as a field medic, and lived from 12-20-1930 to 4-18-1960. His children include Ronald Floyd Brown, Donald Lloyd Brown, Billy Brown, Bobby Brown, Betty Lou Brown, and Myron Brown (whom we don’t speak of often).
She also had Vickie Newton (or possibly Vickey, we never spoke often) to a gentleman by the last name of Newton who is undisclosed. Vickie passed away recently.

I, Darla Brown, am 1 of 4 children from Ronald Floyd Brown, and am the only child from his marriage with Sherry Lynn Beck. I have not met any of my cousins from any of Ronald’s siblings. I am an aunt to at least 11 nieces and nephews, and great aunt to at least 13 great nieces and nephews. These numbers could be more as we do not hear from one of my sisters who once told us she had 8 children (which would make the total nieces and nephews 19).

Thank you so much for your time. I do not mind if this is posted in the queries or answers locations, I just wanted the information to be passed to you for any factual checks first in case the public records I found are incorrect. I hope we can be in touch and speak more to confirm this family line. I’ve always been extremely curious to my history, and DNA testing would be a wonderful next step for me. We have never had a family reunion, so hopefully next year I may attend your TFAA conference.

Darla Brown

Eva Tipton

My grandmother Augusta Miller (maiden name) always told me that our family had once owned the Tipton Farm in Cades Cove. I have tried to trace the tree back but it gets confusing because of all the same names. I know that her mothers name was Eva Tipton who married Noah Miller both of which died and my grandmother was raised by her grandmother (who they called granny Tipton) I could never find any other link to the Tipton’s other than my great grandmother Eva. Can anyone please help?
Thank you,
Mike Hembree

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Tipton Family Question?

From: Michael Hembree

Subject: Tipton Family

Message Body:
My grandmother always told me that someone in her family actually owned the Tipton Farm in Cades cove. I found her Grandmother Eva Tipton who married Noah Miller but I am not sure who Eva’s parents were or her grandparents. Can you please help me get in the right direction?
Thank you,
Mike Hembree

William Paul Tipton

From: William Hotsenpiller

Subject: Tipton Family

Message Body:
My mother’s father was William Paul Tipton
Lived in Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin
I would love to know more about the family tree. If anyone has any information to share, that would be great.

Sarah E. Stover Tipton

From: Chris Pattillo
Subject: Sarah E. Stover Tipton
Message Body:
Sarah E. Stover Tipton was my great grandaunt.  She was my great grandmother’s older sister. I have a family portrait that includes my great grandparents and three of their children, including my grandfather. There are two other women in the portrait. I believe one is Sarah’s mother Joanna Gaines and I believe one of the individuals is Sarah E. Stover Tipton. Sarah married Winfield Scott Tipton on 15 November 1870 in Elizabethton, TN. I would like to post this portrait and inquire if any of your members can confirm the identification of Sarah E. Stover Tipton.

I don’t know that I qualify for membership in your group. Please let me know if you can help.

I am writing a biography of Sarah for my family history blog and hope to have it published in the Watauga Association of Genealogists Bulletin. I want to publish the photo of Sarah but would like confirmation of my identification.

Thank you for your consideration.

Thank You!

From: Justin Arthur Freeman

Subject: Thank You

Message Body:
I recently found out through Ancestry DNA that I’m a descendant of the Tipton family, until my great grandmother, Mary Magdalene Tipton, married my great grandfather. As a retired soldier, it is humbling to see the military accomplishments of our ancestors and I wanted to say thank you for preserving all of this information so that it may be passed down.
 Very Respectfully,
  SSG(R) Justin Freeman

Research on Charlotte Tipton (1816-1865)

From: Laura Anderson <>

Subject: Research on Charlotte Tipton (1816-1865)

Dear TFAA,
I am researching our family geneology and am hoping to find more information on our family ancestors.  My husband’s 4th GG James Anderson married Charlotte “Lotty” Tipton in 1846 in Blount County, TN,  She appears to have been previously married to Pryor Nance.  In further, James’ grandfather Daniel Anderson was listed as a member of Capt. Tipton’s Company in early settler lists for East TN.  Hoping you may be willing to share any records or information on Charlotte Tipton as well as the Daniel Anderson line.

Many thanks, Laura Anderson.

The Early Settlement of Antis Township

By Larry D. Smith, 150th Anniversary of Blair County, PA, pages 262-269

I. Daniel Rupp’s book included a small paragraph on the village of Davidsburg. It was noted as a village west of the Brush Mountain, in Antes Township, lying along the west bank of the Little Juniata River. At that time the village was noted as containing approximately eight houses, a store, a tavern and a tan-yard.

The village of Bell’s Mills grew up around the gristmill, sawmill and store, which Edward Bell established along the Bell’s Gap Run in the east-central portion of the township about the year 1800. John Bell emigrated from Scotland in 1763 and arrived in Virginia. He then proceeded by boat to Nova Scotia. There he met and married (in 1765) Elizabeth Hunter, an immigrant from Ayrshier, Scotland. The Bells made their way southward, eventually settling in the Hartslog settlement in Huntingdon County. They resided there between 1767 and 1769. In 1767 Edward Bell was born while the family was at Hartslog settlement. John and Elizabeth bore three other children: Margaret, born in 1767 and later married to Robert Edington; Mary (or Polly), who was born in 1772 and later married Caleb Tipton; and Jane (or Elizabeth), who was born in 1774 and married John Glasgow. Continue reading