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The Early Settlement of Antis Township

By Larry D. Smith, 150th Anniversary of Blair County, PA, pages 262-269

I. Daniel Rupp’s book included a small paragraph on the village of Davidsburg. It was noted as a village west of the Brush Mountain, in Antes Township, lying along the west bank of the Little Juniata River. At that time the village was noted as containing approximately eight houses, a store, a tavern and a tan-yard.

The village of Bell’s Mills grew up around the gristmill, sawmill and store, which Edward Bell established along the Bell’s Gap Run in the east-central portion of the township about the year 1800. John Bell emigrated from Scotland in 1763 and arrived in Virginia. He then proceeded by boat to Nova Scotia. There he met and married (in 1765) Elizabeth Hunter, an immigrant from Ayrshier, Scotland. The Bells made their way southward, eventually settling in the Hartslog settlement in Huntingdon County. They resided there between 1767 and 1769. In 1767 Edward Bell was born while the family was at Hartslog settlement. John and Elizabeth bore three other children: Margaret, born in 1767 and later married to Robert Edington; Mary (or Polly), who was born in 1772 and later married Caleb Tipton; and Jane (or Elizabeth), who was born in 1774 and married John Glasgow. Continue reading

Alice Elizabeth Tipton Reno

Does anyone have this ? I am trying get my Linage correct.. I have found information that Charles Reno m. Elizabeth Tipton.

In an article in The Colonial Genealogist, 1978, Vol. 9 No. 3, “The Tiptons of Tennessee: an effort to straighten out the line”,
Dollye McAlister Elliott presents evidence that Charles’ wife Elizabeth Tipton was the daughter of Jonathan Tipton and his third wife
Elizabeth Adams, and the sister or half-sister of Joseph Tipton and the half-sister of Colonel John Tipton.

If you have information please email me

Cassandra Tipton d. Samuel (Baltimore County)

Hello, I’m looking for others who may have researched Cassandra Tipton, the 2nd wife of Abraham Cox from Baltimore County, who may have moved to the Watauga Settlement around the time of the Revolutionary War, then moved back to Baltimore immediately following the Battle of Franklin in March 1788, and then appears to have settled just across the state line in Abingdon, Virginia by 1798.

She was possibly born in the early to mid-1750’s and died in the 1830’s in
Washington County. Samuel Tipton (b. 1721 of William Tipton (b. 1696?) and Sarah Gott) made a bequest to granddaughters named Cox in his will and was a neighbor to Abraham Cox when
he lived in Baltimore County in My Lady’s Manor area – Montkon.

Thank you!

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More information on Tiptons

This query created by Lane Nelson.

I am in need of some help, my great grandmother was Katy Tipton 1895-1976 born in Missouri, I have been able to track her father, James T Tipton, 1871- 1936, his father Thomas J Tipton 1842-1906 and his father, James Andrew Tipton 1819-1901 who was born in Blount county Tennessee but died in Benton County, Missouri. I have trouble after that. I was hoping you might have more information on James\\’ father and, I believe it might be Meshac Tipton but am not sure.

Louisiana Tiptons

This query created by Bea Tipton Harrison.

I am interested in tracing my paternal grandfather\’s family. Here is what I have:
2rd Great Grandfather:
John Tipton need any info on his parents
b. Nov 1819 TN
residence 1850 – Natchitoches Parish, LA
d. March 15, 1902
buried: Montgomery, Grant Parish, LA
Great Grandmother:
Charity Mary (No Last Name Known) b.1824 I need any info on her parents

Great Grandfather:
Frederick Dade Tipton
b. Nov 1843
m. 1871
Great Grandmother:
Amanda (No last name known) I need any info on her parents
b. 1851 LA

Frederick Dade Tipton (jr?)
m. 1915
Lillie Emma
John Noah

Evelyn Plevner Pylant Tipton
b. 1900

Lewis C Tipton

Beatrice Tipton Harrison

Looking for family of Landon Christopher Tipton

This query created by Terry Lynn Stuard.

Recently my aunt passed away and we found an old family bible from the 1800\’s for Landon Christopher Tipton. It has all the children births recorded as well as his death. I am trying to locate family to return the Bible to. We do not have any Tipton\’s in our family so I am not sure how my aunt came into possession of this Bible.

Family genealogy

This query created by Ann Cheney.

My grandmother was Margaret “Maggie” Jo Tipton, born March 2, 1864 in Mooresville, Alabama. I believe Mooresville was in Madison County, Alabama. I know she had a sister named Waterloo. I think her parents died when she was very young. In the 1870 census she was living in Athens, Alabama with R.H. Hafley family, I would like to know who her parents were.

David M.C. Tipton and his father Wiley Tipton

This query created by Laura Ellis Lefler.

Hello! I’m looking for any information about David M.C. Tipton’s father, Reverend Wiley Tipton that anyone might have. Rev. Wiley Tipton was born about 1812 and married Isabel Whitson. They lived in Yancey County, North Carolina. Wiley may have died in Yancey County or East Tennessee.

Cissel/Cesley/Cisley/ Sisley Tipton

This query created by Ann Tipton Clemment.

Greetings, kinfolk! I am at a bit of a brick wall. I think I may have discovered some data but it is mostly vague. I am seeking hard data on through whom my line runs. This is the current certain data:
My father, Donald Darrell Tipton, b. 1931,
my grandfather, James Travis Tipton, b. 1896,
my g-grandfather, George Washington Tipton b. 1859,
my gg-grandfather, Cissel/Cesley/Cisley/Sisley Bryant/Obrien/Briant/ Tipton, b 1818 0r 1828.
There is not any more hard data on who Cissel\’s father was, and the only real clue is that his first name is supposed to have been his g-grandmother\’s maiden name and his middle name is supposed to have been his grandmother\’s maiden name. It may be one generation closer, or one further. Stuck here. Any information out there? I would love to make contact. Please let me know if you are researching the same line. Thanks for your help!