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Cassandra Tipton d. Samuel (Baltimore County)

Hello, I’m looking for others who may have researched Cassandra Tipton, the 2nd wife of Abraham Cox from Baltimore County, who may have moved to the Watauga Settlement around the time of the Revolutionary War, then moved back to Baltimore immediately following the Battle of Franklin in March 1788, and then appears to have settled just across the state line in Abingdon, Virginia by 1798.

She was possibly born in the early to mid-1750’s and died in the 1830’s in
Washington County. Samuel Tipton (b. 1721 of William Tipton (b. 1696?) and Sarah Gott) made a bequest to granddaughters named Cox in his will and was a neighbor to Abraham Cox when
he lived in Baltimore County in My Lady’s Manor area – Montkon.

Thank you!

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