August 2016 Newsletter #26

Make your plans to attend the 2016 Tipton Family Association of America Meeting
On 8th October in Johnson City, Tennessee at
The Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site
2620 South Roan Street.
The historic and beautiful Site contains seventeen acres. Pictured below is the house as it appears today. Encapsulated within the present structure is the log cabin built in 1784 by Colonel John Tipton (1730-1813).

Colonel John resided in the cabin for 29 years with his wife Martha Denton Moore Tipton: Martha died in 1794. Following the Colonel’s death, John Tipton, Jr. and his wife Elizabeth acquired the property. John Tipton, Jr., also a Colonel like his father, and former Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives, lived in the house until 1831. After about 54 years in the Tipton family, the property was sold in 1837.

John Tipton, Jr. made changes to the house proper giving the structure its present footprint. He added an upstairs. The ell on the back of the house was added by Landon Haynes.

Tipton house at Tipton-Haynes Historic Site in Johnson City, Tennessee

Tipton house at Tipton-Haynes Historic Site in Johnson City, Tennessee

The scene above is the featured picture on the TFAA website:

The following is the schedule for the 8th October meeting.

8:30 am
Gather for coffee and conversation
8:45 am
Registration in the lobby of Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site 2620 South Roan Street
President’s Report on TFAA Activities and the Treasury.
Discussion/Selection of Site for 2017 Meeting
Items for Sale including the WTOK book on CD
Discussion of Goals, Past & Present: accomplished and to be accomplished
A conversation with Colonel John Tipton
Participants will introduce themselves. Please tell us in 2 minutes or less your family line and any questions or areas of particular interest you have. These introductions give us the chance to know each other better and establish the persons we might like to converse with at lunch and in the Break-Out Groups.
Lunch Break
Everyone is invited to dine together at the Ole Barn Restaurant, 440 Okolona Road, Johnson City. This family style restaurant is approximately four miles south of Tipton-Haynes.
1:30 pm.
John Parrish will discuss Jonathan Tipton (1699-abt1785) and Joseph Tipton (1738-1842)
Judge David Tipton will discuss the Battle of the Lost State of Franklin which took place at Colonel John Tipton’s farm, the present Tipton-Haynes Site, on 27th, 28th & 29th February, 1788. This battle spelled the doom of the ill-conceived State of Franklin.
Break Out Sessions
Following the programs and any further membership comments and discussion.
The Break Out Sessions are the opportunity for each of us to sit and visit in detail with others who share our particular Tipton family line and/or our particular questions and searches.
Plus, just get to know our cousins better!
Adjournment @ 4pm
Friday Night Gathering and Dinner @ 6:30pm

Everyone is invited to a buffet dinner at the Carnegie Hotel, 1216 West State of Franklin Road in Johnson City on Friday night 7th October. The dinner will take place in the Robert Taylor Salon @ 6:30pm. The buffet features Southern pulled pork and/or fried chicken with all the trimmings plus pecan pie and/or red velvet cake.

Plenty of free parking is available in a parking garage behind the hotel. After parking, enter the hotel through doors across the street and the Robert Taylor Salon is on this floor. I do encourage everyone to go up to the lobby and view this wonderful, historic Johnson City hotel. The lobby is impressive.

Cost of this gathering and dinner is $ 30.00 per person. Reservations must be made to the TFAA at or by snail mail to Post Office Box 1128, Milligan College, Tn. 37682 by September 30th.

I am very pleased to announce that digital copies of
We Tipton and Our Kin
can be ordered from
The Tipton Family Association of America.

To purchase your copy, send your order and check by mail to
The Tipton Family Association of America
Post Office Box 1128
Milligan College
Tennessee 37682

The cost is $ 17.00 per digital copy plus $ 2.75 for packaging and postage for a total of $19.75
Clearly indicate the return mailing address where you would like your copy delivered.

For those ordering the book on CD, if you have never seen a copy be aware the hardcover book has over 1500 pages which by all appearances are copies of typewritten pages. The book is a large compilation of Tipton family genealogy. It does have an extensive index.

The copy was formatted on Windows 10; reports from purchasers indicate it is compatible with a MAC

Some interest has been shown in reprinting in hardcover Tipton: The First Five American Generations by Charles D. Tipton which was published in 1998 by Gateway Press, Inc. of Baltimore, MD.

The book is well researched and of immense value to Tiptons and Tipton descendants interested in our family’s history and genealogy during the period beginning circa 1680 and including five generations of Tiptons.

Cost of the book would be in the area of $ 70.00 per copy plus shipping and packaging because of the limited number of books to be reprinted. Enough interest in purchasing a reprint copy must be expressed to go forward with a reprint. If you would purchase a copy, please let me know.

It also must be noted that the book can be purchased on CD from Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site; the last price for the book on CD that I knew of was $ 14.00 plus shipping, etc.

James David Tipton and Will Rogers were cowboys working together on a ranch when young. The boys had gone to school together. The Tipton’s home place joined Will Roger’s father Clem’s home place in Northeastern Oklahoma.

The Tipton Store will be open at the October Meeting

You can purchase Tipton Family Crest mugs for $ 6.00; the concise biography of Colonel John Tipton by John Parrish; John Tipton, John Sevier And the State of Franklin by Dale Reed or various articles about the family and its history; copies of Shropshire, England Archives about the Tiptons; maps of early land grants and purchases in what are today Carter and Washington Counties, Tennessee; Voices of Cades Cove videos; Tipton Family Crest polo shirts plus other
Tipton Family memorabilia.

Visit these websites for more Tipton family information:

Happily, I can report that the historic marker noting Joseph Tipton’s connection to the founding of present day Johnson City, Tennessee is now back on display.

In the Fall 2011 TFAA newsletter, it was reported that this historic marker had been taken down while the City of Johnson City refurbished the plaza where it was located.

The sign is now located very appropriately on Buffalo Street at the intersection of Tipton Street in downtown Johnson City.

The Tipton Family Association of America is very appreciative that the City of Johnson City is once again displaying this historic sign which honors Joseph Tipton among others.

Joseph Tipton Historic Sign

Joseph Tipton Historic Sign

Scott Tipton

Scott Tipton

Pictured above is Congressman Scott Tipton of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. Elected in 2010, Congressman Tipton continues to serve his state in Washington, DC.

Tipton Family Association of America President John Parrish is no longer serving as Director at Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Embroidered Tipton Family T-Shirt with the family crest

Embroidered Tipton Family T-Shirt with the family crest

The embroidered Tipton family crest shown in the pictures above is available to all if you wish to have something embroidered. The set up fee has been paid so your cost would be the article you have embroidered and the charges from: Doe Valley Printing, 1282 Riverview Drive, Elizabethton, Tennessee 37643. You can place orders by mail or contact Anita Remme at or call (423) 542-4616

Many ask what the amount of TFAA ‘dues’ are?

While never set in specific dollars by the membership, $ 25.00 is the suggested amount; however, many donate more and some donate less. TFAA’s largest expense year in and year out is the reproduction and mailing of newsletters. In some years, the expense of the annual meeting is more due to the location of the meeting.

In addition, the accomplishment of Association goals such as establishing a website, honoring William Tipton in Savannah and, recently, producing We Tipton and Our Kin on CD have been achieved with Tipton Family Association of America funding by membership donations. TFAA money is well-spent promoting our family history and genealogy.


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The TFAA and President thank the many TFAA members and friends who support our Association financially.  That support makes our family’s association prosper and achieve its goal to preserve Tipton family history in the present!

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Many Thanks to All Who Make Their Membership Donations to
The Tipton Family Association of America

Tipton Family Membership donations make the TFAA able to accomplish the goals of the membership. In recent years, the TFAA has re-established meetings and newsletters, made the book We Tipton and Our Kin available on CD, provided a plaque in honor of William “Fightin’ Billy” Tipton in Savannah, assisted research in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia on the farmland of Colonel John Tipton and the successful quest to find the burial place of Major Jonathan Tipton. With your financial support, we can continue to succeed and do more!

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