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  1. Ronald COFIELL

    Joshua Tipton (born c. 1749) and Aquila Tipton (born c. 1751) were two of the four sons of William and Angelica (Cole) Tipton of Baltimore County. Joshua’s estimated birth date is based on the 1830 census (born c. 1741-1750), his sister Tabitha’s birth in July 1747, his brother Aquila’s estimated birth date, and his brother Nicholas’ birth in January 1753.

    Named in Aquila Tipton’s will on 15 February 1826 were Mary his wife, his daughters Rachel Jones, Eleanor Worrell, Rebeckah, Ruth, Elizabeth and Sarah Tipton, his late daughter Nancy Leaf, and his granddaughter Mary Jones. Aquila apparently had married at least three times; in 1826 his wife was Mary (presumably the Mary Bond he had married about 1792). Aquila died by 23 December 1827, when his will was proven. It was witnessed by George Harriman, John Bond and Ephraim Tipton. Probably sometime between census day 1820 and February 1826, Aquila’s four unmarried daughters began living with their brother Joshua (born c. 1776); Aquila’s granddaughter, Mary Jones, also began living with Joshua. (In 1820 the latter Joshua was engaged in manufacturing, as was Ephraim. In 1794 Aquila’s brother Joshua was a shoemaker who had an apprentice.)

    Aquila Tipton (born c. 1751) married 1. ___ about 1772-1773; 2. Rebecca Belt by Baltimore County license dated 6 May 1778; 3. Mary Bond after 1791. His children were:
    1. ___ Tipton, son, was born about 1773-1774; he died about 1784-1790.
    2. Joshua Tipton was born about 1776; he married probably Ruth Tye 4 November 1813. She may have been a daughter of George Tye, whose will of July 1809 bequeathed his estate to wife Ruthy; his will was witnessed by Aquila Tipton, Joshua Tipton, John Tipton and John Bond (Abstract of Wills of Baltimore County, Maryland, Volume 9, compiled by Annie Walker Burns, p. 81, citing p. 333 of Will Book). George Tye, son of John, may have married and had two children by 1783.
    3. Rachel Tipton was born about 1779; she married Joshua Jones, Jr. in 1801. Their daughter Elizabeth (born 1810) married Nicholas Tracey.

    4. Ann (“Nancy”) Tipton was born about 1781; married Henry Leaf. He was born on 5 November 1769 (calculated). (Henry Leaf died on “the 5th
    inst., … aged 88 years and 1 month” according to the Baltimore County Advocate, 19 December 1857.) In 1804 Henry Leaf, Joshua Gill of Jno., Joshua Jones Junr., Micagaher [sic] Tipton, Aquilla Tipton and Joshua Tipton were among those named in the Assessment List for Back River Upper Hundred. Henry probably was the brother of Anne Leaf who was married to Micajah Tipton on 20 December 1798 by the same minister. Micajah was born in 1776, son of Nicholas Tipton and nephew of Ann’s father Aquila.

    Henry Leaf, Sr. [born 1769] was given a bequest in the will of Joshua Tipton [born c. 1776] dated 4 March 1851 (Martha Salberg’s information from Jean Belt). Joshua Tipton, son of Aquila, was born in the 1770s; he was the half-brother of Ann (Tipton) Leaf. Joshua’s will named Ann Leaf as his sister, and Henry Leaf as his nephew; he also gave a bequest to Joshua Henry Leaf, son of Henry Leaf, Sr. (Jean Belt’s research findings). Joshua Henry Leaf may have been another name for Henry Leaf (born 1815); Joshua Leaf (born 1799), son of Henry Leaf, Sr., had migrated to Ohio by 1834. It is noted that Ephraim Tipton had migrated to Ohio between 1830 and 1840.

    Another child of Henry Leaf and Ann Tipton was John Leaf (born 1804). John married Ann Tracey; they were the parents of Sarah A. Leaf who was born on 18 November 1832 (calculated). Miss Sarah A. Leaf of Baltimore county married Shadrach W. Tipton of Baltimore on 6 November 1856 (Norman Hare’s records, citing Baltimore County Advocate & Advertiser, 22 November 1856)). He was born near Shawan, Baltimore County (Norman Hare’s records), on 7 August 1829 (calculated). Shadrack W., Walter B. (born c. 1830 or 1837), Martha (born c. 1832) and probably S. Jefferson Tipton (born March 1825, calculated) were children of Stephen Tipton (born c. 1787, calculated) and Elizabeth Lynch (born August 1797) who were married in January 1819 by Rev. Edward Choate of the Patapsco Baptist Church, on Liberty Road in the Eldersburg area of present-day Carroll County. (Rev. Choate also served the Reisterstown area.) In 1814 Stephen and Epharham [Ephraim] Tipton [born June 1783; Stephen’s brother?] served as Privates in the 6th Cavalry Regiment/District under Capt. Nicholas M. Bosley. The remains of Stephen, wife Elizabeth, and S. Jefferson Tipton were buried at Grace (Falls Road) Methodist Church Cemetery.

    In March 1810 Micajah and John Tipton, two of Nicholas Tipton’s five surviving children, sold their part of “William’s Pasture” to Stephen and Ephraim Tipton (Tipton: The First Five American Generations, by Charles D. Tipton, 1998, pp. 98, 171, 466, 467). (In 1796 William Tipton bequeathed 60 acres out of “William’s Pasture” and “Bond’s Industry” to the children of his son Nicholas. Those tracts were in the Back River Upper Hundred.) The following month, Nicholas’ other children sold their shares of those tracts to Stephen and Ephraim.

    In 1813 Stephen was named in that year’s assessment as the owner of 30 acres of “William’s Pasture,” etc. It appears that he mortgaged that land to Ephraim in 1817. A court judgment of May 1822 recovered $47 from Stephen in favor of Ephraim. Stephen’s land presumably was forfeited to Ephraim by indenture dated July 1823.

    5. Rebecca Tipton was born about 1782; d.s.p. (died without issue).
    6. Ruth Tipton was born about 1784; d.s.p.
    7. Eleanor Tipton was born in 1786; she married Charles Worrell by Baltimore County license dated 22 November 1811.
    8. Elizabeth Tipton was born in 1788 or 1789; d.s.p.
    9. Sarah Tipton was born on 1 October 1791; d.s.p.

  2. Storianne Tipton

    My relative is the brother of John Tipton, Meshack Tipton of TN, who was the first frontiersman in Glide, Oregon. Please call me as I’ve been researching my family tree. My cell (503) 530-0971 I now live in Franklin TN.

  3. Ernie Hall

    I am researching Joshua Tipton, Forgotten Revolutionary Patriot. His wife Janet Shields filed for her husband’s service in the Revolutionary War. She was granted a pension as a half-pay pensioner which was started on 20 April 1815. This pension is recorded under Tennessee in the Act of March 18, 1818 book.
    I would like to see him proven as a Sof the American Revolution. Any ideas?