Lavinia Tipton (1802-1889) – Rhea County TN – married Joseph Benjamin Travis

Does anyone have any information on this Lavinia Tipton (1802-1889)? It appears it was a common name among the sons of Colonel John Tipton since both William and Jacob had daughters with this name. She lived in Rhea County, TN (Dayton) and that is where she died and was buried. One of her sons was named Benjamin “Butler” Travis. Mary Butler is the wife of Colonel John Tipton (Potentially her grandparents?), hence I believe there is some evidence she is tied to the Colonel John line by the use of family names (e.g. Butler), but I have nothing definitive to tie her through records. If anyone has anything more substantive on this Lavinia, please let me know. I have been working on this for years, and just found the website. EXCELLENT information.

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