As time passed, portions of Buncombe County became parts of newly formed counties. In 1833,
Yancey County was organized followed by Madison County in 1851 and Mitchell County in
1861. This sequence of events i
s very important to consider in quests to find our Tipton
Because of th
e progression of the same geographical location being in di
fferent North
Carolina counties
, it must be sorted and recognized as the researcher quests to find
their Tipton
ancestors in western North Carolina. As an example, t
here are erroneous online statements that
Major Jonathan Tipton lived in Asheville, North Carolina which is not true. This statement
reflects lack of understanding of the progression of t
he formation of counties. It is probably an
assumption made as he lived in Buncombe County and Asheville is the county seat.
One of the best
, most interesting
landmarks to the Tiptons who settled the area is the
General Store in Tipton Hill, North Carolina
is still in operation and managed by a Tipton descendant