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Summer 2018 Newsletter #33

The Tipton Family Association of America

This newsletter contains information regarding the September, 2018 Tipton Family Association of America visit to Tipton, The Midlands, England and information about the October 2018 Tipton Family Association of America meeting in Maryville, Tennessee.

2018 Tipton Family Association of America visit to Tipton, England September 21st thru 23rd

All Tiptons and Tipton descendants are invited to visit the Tipton family ancestral home of Tipton, England on September 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2018. The visit is sponsored by The Tipton Family Association of America and will be hosted in Tipton by the Tipton Town Libraries; Robert Hazel, Library Manager and the Friends of the Library; Jeff Worsey, Chair.

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Spring 2018 Newsletter #32

The beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina

became home to many, many Tiptons from the late eighteenth century on. By 1798, Major Jonathan Tipton (1750-1833) had moved from the Watauga Settlements to these mountains.  Until Tennessee statehood in 1796, the Settlements had been part of North Carolina.

North Carolina was one of the original 13 colonies of the United States and became a State in 1789. Tennessee was formed from the western part of North Carolina beginning in the Blue Ridge Mountains and running west to the Mississippi River.

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Fall 2017 Newsletter #31

Greeting from Tipton County, Tennessee

Tipton County Public LibraryY’all Come to Covington for the Tipton Family Association of America 2017 Meeting on October 7th.

TFAA members from Florida, Arizona, Oregon, Oklahoma, Georgia, Michigan, California,
Virginia and Tennessee gathered in Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee on October 7th to
attend the Association’s 2017 meeting, review the organization’s activities during the prior year, elect a President and enjoy interesting, informative programs about our Tipton family and its history in Covington, Tipton County and West Tennessee. Many of the attendees joined each other for dinner the night before. Pictured above are those who gathered for this group picture prior to the Saturday lunch break.

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Summer 2017 Newsletter #30

Y’all Come


Y’all Come to Covington for the Tipton Family Association of America 2017 Meeting on October 7th.

Covington is the county seat of Tipton County in West Tennessee.

The meeting will begin at 8:30am in the Tipton County Public Library located in Building C on the campus of Dyersburg Community College, 3149 Highway 51 South. A detailed schedule of the meeting’s agenda will be published in September.

On Friday night October 6th @ 6pm; Tiptons, Tipton descendants and everyone interested in Tipton Family history are invited to gather for dinner at the Wyatt Earp Steakhouse on the east side of the Covington Town Square. The street address is 124 TN-54; for more information about the restaurant and its menu contact Wyatt Earp’s at (901) 617-2156. The cost of dinner will be paid by the individual diners.
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June 2017 Newsletter #29

Major Jonathan Tipton’s Burial Site Found!
Major Jonathan was born in 1750 and died in 1833

Major Jonathan Tipton Burial Site

Major Jonathan Tipton Burial Site

The Boring Cemetery is located in Clinton County, Kentucky but in the year of Major Jonathan’s death the site was in Cumberland County, Kentucky. The cemetery was a small family cemetery and today is located on private property about four miles south of Albany, Kentucky on Wolf River Dock Road (Kentucky State Hiway 738).

The sign states Major Jonathan died while visiting his sister Elizabeth Tipton Reneau. The cemetery is located near the Kentucky/Tennessee state line; Overton County, Tennessee is across the state line to the south.
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