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The purpose of the TFAA is to provide an organization whereby Tiptons and Tipton descendants can be connected to the family as a whole and each member individually through presenting our collective history and personal queries on members’ individual genealogical quests.

The Tipton family was instrumental in several historical events and were pioneers of several States and counties such as; Cades Cove, Tipton IN, Tipton TN, Elizabethton TN and much more!

We are seeking Tiptons and Tipton descendants to inform you about, and invite each of you to, our annual Tipton family meetings and reunions.

Questions? Please contact:
Kathy Hoffmann
239-994-1246 or peachyrose56@gmail.com

The TFAA publishes newsletters periodically during the year and a family meeting is held on the Saturday in October of the Columbus Day weekend.

Fall 2019 NEWSLETTER #35

  • Tipton Family Association of America Annual Meeting and Reunion
  • Memories & Tales
  • President Introduction and Contact Information
  • Did You Know?

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