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The purpose of the TFAA is to provide an organization whereby Tiptons and Tipton descendants can be connected to the family as a whole and each member individually through presenting our collective history and personal queries on members’ individual genealogical quests.

The TFAA publishes newsletters periodically during the year and a family meeting is held on the Saturday in October of the Columbus Day weekend.


The 2017 TFAA meeting will be held October 7th in Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee.  For more information about the meeting visit the Newsletters Section and review the recent newsletters.

The 2016 Tipton Family Association of America meeting will be held in East Tennessee on the 8th of  October. The meeting will be held at The Tipton-Haynes Historic Site in Johnson City.

The 2015 TFAA meeting in Savannah was a tremendous success enjoyed by Tiptons and Tipton descendants from 17 states!


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